The Wrist Water Bottle

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When spring is coming it’s the season I prefer to go jogging on the beach or riding my bike… actually, it’s important, to keep in shape and at the same time to profit of the sunrays.

One very important thing to do when doing exercise is to take plenty of fluids.

But having to carry water bottles while exercising can be rather uncomfortable at the point that we often get rid of the bottle before drinking the water !

So let me present you the solution to this problem:
It’s called SWIGGIES and it’s a brand new and original concept: a wrist water bottle for port!

This patented new product was invented by Julie Austin in the United States.

This product was designed for sportsmen or women to go running, riding, hiking freely with no need to carry water bottles.

Each Swiggies holds 16 cl of water or sports drink and the American College of Sports Medicine recommends drinking 23 cl during a workout… Which means that if you carry one Swiggies on each wrist, you will have enough water to exercise safely, with no risk of dehydration!

it’s an original promotional product for sport as you can print your company logo or brand on the wrist bottle.

The only disadvantage I see is that it’s still an additional weight on arms…and when you go jogging, unless you want to develop your biceps, it’s a little bit uncofortable…

What do you think? If you want more information on the product, you can visit Julie’s webiste: