The Capaper

The World Cup is coming and therefore we can see a lot of new promotional products for sports coming up.

You already know the MAKARABA hat, a funny looking hand made miner’s helmet personalized with the colours of the club, and the symbol of the South African’s soccer culture. We also discovered the HAIR BANDAGE, the personalized wig for soccer supporters.

Today we present you the CAPAPER, a hat of ‘cardboard’, easy to assemble, created by the French company Hoovox.

This goodie is available up from 1000 pieces, and the printed in full colour.

This is not exactly a new product, but this new design has been patented by the company at the European level.

This hat is a very useful customizable product for advertising at sport events because they help you to avoid heat stroke and other inappropriate heat stroke . You will have all the energy needed to support your team!

For more information about the Capaper, don’t hesitate to contact the company Hoovox.

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