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swiggiesReceived a mail today from mark Bysouth introducing a new promotional product : the… SWIGGIES. Don’t know what you would expect behind such a name. My curiosity made me click the link to his website and I found a totally hands-free bottle, contoured to strap onto your wrist and comfortable to wear over clothing.

swiggieNice promotional product for runners indeed. I can imagine this product as a give away along the tour de France also.
The Swiggie was invented by Julie Austin from US, she has been fighting a lot against copycats popping up in China but seems to protect her invention well now. Copycats always pop up when you invent a new product, and even quicker when alike Julie , you exhibit your product in the Hong kong Fair. More info on copycat, protection of your inventions can be found here :

You can order Swiggies with your printed logo.
Visit the Swiggies website here : www.swiggiesuk.com