Leave your place and you lose it

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This is ancient history !!

Last week, we were contacted by Daniel Lane, an ex-bartender turned copyrighter at an ad agency in Philadelphia. He and another bartender in L.A. have patent-pending on a new bar coaster that they (fingers crossed) think will replace the traditional (boring) one…


And I am happy to give you more details on this original and topical new concept!!

What is the Seat Saver

A new coaster, designed to work below AND above the drink.
It therefore offers greater visibility than the traditional coaster.

Its patented design fits conveniently over any type of glass or bottle in the bar…

But What is it made for ?

The Seat Saver is made to save your seat/drink, indicating to all other people in the bar that your seat/drink is still being used. Don’t want to leave your drink unattended? Just leave a Seat Saver on your empty drink – it works just as well.

Because today, people are likely to get up from the bar to go smoke a cigarette or make cell phone call outside the bar. (non smoking laws in bars and restaurants have affected over 75% of the united states and all major countries in Europe, Asia, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. And at the same time cell phone use continues to grow at an astounding rate with 3 billions subscribers projected by 2009).

At bars and restaurants worldwide, people have taken to leaving napkins on their drink to save their seat. This wastes a ton of napkins, vaguely communicates its purpose, creates bar mess and often napkin-soiled drinks that bartenders have to replace, costing bars money.

The SeatSaver is a topical solution and original way to strengthen your brand’s awareness.
We love the idea!!

If you want to learn more about the “Hole New Coaster”, visit www.theseatsaver.com