Promotional baby tree!

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No, you’re not dreaming…It’s really a mini cactus in a capsule!

But watch it, coz it’s not an ordinary mini cactus: it’s also a mini promotional object coz the capsule which is protecting this mini plant can be printed with your logo!


This product, called “BABYTREE”, is distributed by the company Katshu.

    • Here are some of the features of this uncommon product:

– With a height of less than 5 cm and a width of 2cm, this mini plant, living in a kind of incubator bubble, can follow you everywhere thanks to its wonderful attach system.
– Genuine “pocket plant”, BabyTree can last for three to six months in its environment (until it becomes too big to fit into the bubble.)
– After that, Babytree will have to leave home to move into the real world, into a terra cotta crock, which will allow it to start its second life and to reach the adulthood.

You can personalize this promotional mini plant by printing your logo, up from 500 units!
It’s a promotional gift highly symbolic, which is bearing a strong ecological message!

Babytree is associated to an important reforestation schedule involving the NGO “Planète Urgence”.
Actually, for each purchased Babytree, a part of the money is transferred to “Planète urgence” to plant a tree!

At last, a promotional object which combine originality, innovation and ecology…

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