Article from Patrick Paul from BeGlobal in the Netherlands.

What is nicer than giving someone some flowers? And even nicer to receive some roses from someone you love !

It is now possible to send a friend, brother, sister or “whoever” some flowers that fit through any standard mailbox. The MailBoxFlowers are ordered on-line and sent by mail, so they are on the doormat at the moment the recipient gets home.

The MailBoxFlowers order comes with a personal message printed on colorfull paper and makes this surprise more joyful.

The freshness of the MailBoxFlowers is guaranteed by the way of packaging: a special foil, which prevents the flowers from drying, making thus sure flowers are always fresh on arrival.

The MailBoxFlowers package is available in white, red, pink, yellow and orange roses. If you can’t decide on a color, you can order the surprise package! Depending on the season there may be other types of flowers available.

The MailBoxFlowers can be delivered with or without a vase.
All MailBoxFlowers have a mailbox Fair trade / Max Havelaar mark that ensures that the product is produced at a fair price, under proper conditions and is produced with respect for the environment.

If you want to know more about the MailBoxFlowers click here.

Thanks Patrick for presenting us this fantastic idea!!