What is the Atrapamovil?

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It’s happening almost every day with women. Your mobile phone is ringing and you cannot find it in your bag.
This also happens to me almost every day, my friends always say that I should buy a smaller bag, but it still wouldn’t help in my opinion. Or you did find it finally, and in a hurry you grabbed the phone out of your bag… and then, the phone falls out of your hands, on the floor, and smashed into pieces.

Well there is now a solution for this. THE ATRAPAMOVIL!!
It’s a mobile phone catcher!!

This product is patented and for 100% produced in Spain.
Used to:
* To find the phone in your purse, backpack, pocket etc… and be able to pick it up quickly.
*You won’t forget your phone anywhere.
*And it will not break if the phone would fall out of your hands accidentally, because it won’t reach the ground.

How does it work?
Watch this video to see how it works.

I think that this is the solution for every woman with a mobile phone and a bag!!

To see more, take a look at their website!

To have more information about this product, do not hesitate to contact us!!