The deathly promotional Tee-shirt

It’s not a secret, the promotional Tee-shirt is one of the most classic product in our industry.
Tee-shirts and other wearables represent more than 30% of the total industry sales.

Widespread, classic but also boring and not original at all!
Let’s recognize that tee-shirt is not a FUNNY promotional product ?!

However, something I recently discovered on the Web made me realize that I am a nasty gossip !
This event proves that communicating in an original manner with tee-shirts is still possible:

We owe this great idea to Switzerland!
During the Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival (NIFFF), which took place from the 3rd July to the 08th July 2007, “STAFF” members could be easily recognized thanks to their most unusual and original tee-shirts.
A red imprint at the collar level surprisingly reminds a cut throat’s trickling blood!
What ‘s more suitable for the Fantastic film festival!!

The purpose of this action was to reinforce the visual identity of the festival through a uniform for staff only.
Success was huge for the blood tee-shirt and many of the festivalers asked to buy it for their personnal use… Unfortunately, it was a special “limited edition” production!!

To learn more about the festival :

And congratulation for this great and terrific idea!

Can’t wait for 2008 edition which will take place from July 01st to July 06th.