Spread the Word About Your Company Through Promotional Products

creativeThere are hundreds of ways of putting your promotional message across at a tradeshow or a promo event. Among them are methods as exotic as setting up a light show with multi-colored laser beams playing with your logo and slogan on walls and floors or of the trade show hole; or having some hot models (with large imprinted logo, slogan on those scanty pieces of clothes that cover their bodies) to stand in your booth or walk around the hole, handing out your promotional gifts to people to their shock and pleasure.

muglogoYou can be as creative as you want planning out your promotional tactics as long as your budget (and public morals) allows it. However there’s something that you won’t do without if you want to make a real impact on your target audience and have a long lasting promotional effect: gifts! Yes, marketing gifts, promo gifts, advertising specialties – whatever you call it – don’t let any of your visitors leave without a promo gift! (if you see someone sneaking away without one run them down and give it to them – beaming at them with your most attractive smile). People will keep your gifts for much longer than they would keep your credit card, which means your promotional message will work for you long after the tradeshow is over.

plastic bagToday you can put your logo, slogan, address on almost anything and the choice of promotional items is almost unlimited. Spend some time browsing through the numerous specialized stores on the web and get the idea of what gifts your target audience would appreciate. The choice often depends on the industry you represent but there are some fit-all products that are ideal for tradeshows: plastic bags, pens, laser pointers, neck wallets, lanyards, t-shirts, key-tags. When making choice don’t forget that your gifts should be both practical and style.

Posted by Anthony from Clayton Kendall, USA