The ultimate detergent promotion!

When we are thinking about detergents promotion, we all see the typical child coming back home with his clothes completely stained and his mother who will show us a completely clean shirt after 2 minutes of hand-washing in a clear sink…
Don’t you agree if I say that this kind of commercials are so repetitive that they don´t catch our attention any more?!

It’s why I wanted to show you a special promotional campaign for BREEZE EXCEL, launched by the publicity agency Lowe en Bangkok to make the women of the country aware of the product benefits.

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The magic effect of promotional magnets!

It can be found in different shapes, sizes, materials and can be used in various ways.
In this article, we will focus on the limber promotional magnet.

1°) Statistics
A European study discovered that a family opens and closes her fridge in average 25 times a day, which represent nearly 10 000 promotional impacts per year.
This converts the promotional magnet into the most efficient and the most affordable marketing support thanks to its low cost.

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Spread the Word About Your Company Through Promotional Products

creativeThere are hundreds of ways of putting your promotional message across at a tradeshow or a promo event. Among them are methods as exotic as setting up a light show with multi-colored laser beams playing with your logo and slogan on walls and floors or of the trade show hole; or having some hot models (with large imprinted logo, slogan on those scanty pieces of clothes that cover their bodies) to stand in your booth or walk around the hole, handing out your promotional gifts to people to their shock and pleasure.

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A world without promotional products ! (1/5)

Imagine, up from tomorrow, there are no promotional products any more in the world. What is the impact apart from my own businesses to collapse? What will a world without promotional product look like ?
Be careful, if you can’t give the answer, it might mean that promotional products are useless ! Please send us your ideas! We’ll post them below.

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