The ultimate detergent promotion!

When we are thinking about detergents promotion, we all see the typical child coming back home with his clothes completely stained and his mother who will show us a completely clean shirt after 2 minutes of hand-washing in a clear sink…
Don’t you agree if I say that this kind of commercials are so repetitive that they don´t catch our attention any more?!

It’s why I wanted to show you a special promotional campaign for BREEZE EXCEL, launched by the publicity agency Lowe en Bangkok to make the women of the country aware of the product benefits.

In order to prove the efficiency of the product and catch customers’ confidence, they decided to send by post a box with a sample of the detergent…
From here, nothing special…but where they really innovate is that they used a white thee-shirt as a wrapping for the box, at least at the beginning of its travel!

When the box will arrive at destination, of course, it was dirty enough to be washed with the detergent sample, which will totally convince us of its efficiency if it leave it clean!

Isn’t it ingenious?
To me, it’s a successful communication for 2 main reasons:

  • Firstly, it catches the attention, not only because it is wrapped by a thee-shirt but also because everybody like to receive free samples!
  • Secondly, the addressees won’t forget this strange thee shirt box.

Direct marketing and postal services has been an over-used media for years.
Now that this type of publicity appear to reach the end of its time, Breeze Excel’s example shows us that the real important thing is not the communication channel but the creativity and the originality of the idea which have much more impact than the use of another kind of channel.

With this promotion, Breeze changed a simple action like turning on the washing machine in a funny game: Will the detergent be able to make the thee-shirt clean?

Even if it’s just to see the result, it’s sure that a high percentage of the addressees tried the product

A brilliant way to force a client to try a product and prove that it is capable to fulfill its promises!

To have more information about this special promotional campaign, click here !