The predator pen

People always ask “what is cool”?

Here is a promotional product that will make you smile handing it out and watching the reaction of the giftee. This Predator pen would be great for themes of “different”, “change”, “transforming” etc.

More importantly, people love things that are gadgets and it is a writing instrument making it useful as well as innovative.Price? i think it will be sold between 2 and 3 euros piece with a one color imprint.

It is available in white, blue, red and best of all in silver. I love the way you fold it back up with just a gentle nudge of the end of the pen into the palm of your hand. Predator is it’s name, I just call it a winner. I didn’t see it in europe yet, only in the USA at promopeddler.

This news was written by Dale Kirby, The Ideas Guru from Promopeddler in USA, visit their blog, it’s worth it !!