Promotional tissues box !?

Today, I discovered a new promotional item which really caught my attention : the Promotional Tissues box!

Created 15 years ago by Ipekyolu, a Turkish firm, this item can be used in all occasions and everywhere.

Whereas it’s an everyday object, we can’t miss these special boxes with its original shapes.

This promotional product is suitable for everyone who possesses a nose!
Its handy and can be used at home, at the office, in a hotel room, in a waiting room, in a car...

Although the 99% of prospects have never seen or never thought about utilizing tissue box advertising, if we consider its multiple advantages, it must be taken into account:

    • On an tissue box you can benefit from a advertising space of more than 750 cm2!

  • You can customize this surface with 4 colors in offset printing with a shiny varnish.


For different seasons and promotional campaign, there is always a way to create an original shape for your tissue box!
Every plastic shapes can be made to customize your box, like ears, eyes, bones , lungs, balls, noses or hearts.

These tissue boxes can be personalized in the colors and the shape of your choice.
The standard shapes are the cube, rectangular and pyramid box.

Moreover, a lot of possibilities can be made with a bit of imagination: combination boxes are available like tissues and gloves from the same box or tissues, gloves and cotton balls or tongue depressors coming out from a trio box.

Here, an example of a box made for car dealers : this dispose tissue box which is not only a tissue box but also a waterproof trash bag, very useful!

Within 3-4 weeks delivery time, with its high gloss offset printing and its soft paper quality tissues, theses tissues boxes have become one of the top products of the market.

With a minimum order of 1000 pieces, you too can personalize your tissue box with your logo and the colors of your business!

So, it’s time to think of blowing your clients’ nose!!!

For more information about this product, have a look at this website: