Save Yourself a 1000 Little Mistakes!

Posted by John Young (

promotional products So you’ve found the product you think is perfect for your promotional campaign.

You’ve read the description, seen the photos and your ready to order. At this point it may be worth asking to see a sample of the product prior to placing the order.

If the product is inexpensive they can usually be posted to you free of charge. This simple precaution will ensure there are no nasty surprises when you recieve your full order. A great example to show the importance of this precaution, is when ordering plastic pens. They may look great on your screen but when you put the pen to paper they feel awful.

teddy bear Now you’ve seen the product in the flesh and have placed the order…. The next step in the process will be to approve a proof layout. All respectable printing companies will provide this. The proof is very important as from your approval onwards there is no turning back. Take your time to check any spelling, punctuation and positioning. If you require specific pantone references check these are correct to. You could also ask a collegue to cast their eye over it.

If you follow the above suggestions then you might save yourself from receiving a 1000 little mistakes on your door step. There is little worse then handing out 1000’s of give-aways at an exhibition only to discover the telephone number on the product is wrong!!

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