How to buy promotional products.

It’s easy to buy promotional products :
you only need to have a catalogue of promotional products and money to pay the promotional products.
But it’s not easy to buy the promotional products corresponding to your needs, the item that will fit perfectly to your promotional action.

I’m really surprised by the number of retailers of Promotional products who have for which promotion the client will use the promotional products.

How to buy promotional products
Some essential questions :

1.Who will receive the promotional product ?
To which person will be the promotional products given. We don’t give the same product to an adult a child a purchase manager or a secretary.

2. What is the target ?
To vehicle a logo, to incite to a purchase, promote a new line of products, to make simply the customer happy.

3. What quantity of products is going to be distributed?
With the answer of the first two questions, the customer must be able to quantify the promotional action

4. What is the budget ? Classic answer: it depends on the advertising item. Certainly, but you should not invert things, the customer must give the budget he is ready to spend on reaching the target and according to this point the retailer of promotional products will find the adapted product.

I’m not sure the above mentioned questions are asked when we have a look on the promotional market where we can find a lot of common publicity pens.That’s a pity because a well determined promotional product can be very efficient.
The problem is that most of the time the retailers of promotional products only sell a promotional product, nevermind if this item will fit or not the campaign of their customers.

How to buy promotional products ? How to sell promtional products ?

It’s a question of relation between buyers and suppliers and above all to determine exactely what is the best to reach the target of the customers.