How to buy silicone wristbands ?

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You want to buy silicone wristbands to promote the logo of your company, club or association?
But you don’t know how to choose the right supplier and the right product?

We are going to help you!

I’ll try to give you in brief the most important elements to take into account when buying silicone wristbands.


    • Material:


The silicone wristband was originally produced with 100% silicone. But be careful! You can find some wristbands on the market which are made from a mix of rubber and other materials, less expensive. Stay clear from these, which will break easily, mainly here where your logo will be debossed. My first advice is to ask your supplier for a certificate of the product’s composition..


    • Customization:


The original silicone wristband has the logo debossed inside the silicone. The debossment is obtained when the silicone is poured into the mould. Inside the mould, there is an embossment of your text or logo. Now, many suppliers offer “imprint silicone wristbands”. Printing on silicone is technically difficult because the material is greasy, therefore inks won’t stay on easily. (The plasticizer impedes inks to remain on the silicone). My second advice is: Prefer a debossment to a print if you are not sure the manufacturer is specialized in printing. .


    • The color:


Normally, you have the possibility to choose any color for your silicone wristband. However, if the supplier offers you only a small color chart, be careful!! This might mean the wristband is not 100% silicone made. My third advice : Ask and work with a professional who perfectly knows his manufacturer !


    • The Delivery time:


For orders from 5000 to 10 000 units, standard delivery time is approximately 3 weeks.

You want to buy silicone wristbands ? : My last advice: place your order with a specialized distributor.

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