fun keychains!


Do you want to order fun keychains with your own customized print?

You can, cheap and fast at our company.

Keychains are as old as the key itself. You can lose them effortlessly without a keychain. It’s also a very personal item, because you wear it often when you’re out of the house. These keychains are ideal for spreading your message or company name.

Your brand could be on someone’s key ring for a long time

To set an example, Euro-logo once made keychains for a news group. They let us make silicone keychains with their slogan engraved in them. They gave these away during events. They gave them to the people visiting their stand or to the people that bought something. Now, after two years they admitted that lots of people still utilize their keychain. Next tot the slogan they also ordered us to put their logo on the keychain, and that’s how their brand name has been in the hands of customers for two years, which is a good way of advertising your company.

of course there are many keychains that have been lost, given to somebody else, or that have broken, though the team manager says; those people will come back next event for a new one, we even get special orders from people asking us to ship the keychains and people are even prepared to pay for that.

A slogan isn’t necessary, it could just be the name of your company, or the name of a specific event with the year of the event. This way the keychain will be a memoir of that event. And if you’re not sure how to use this product as a way of getting more customers, you can message us and we’d be happy to help!

Keychains that euro-logo creates are very cheap and can be made with all pantone colors, and they can be engraved as well. They are delivered complete with a keychain-ring as well.

Do you also want to make use of this powerful way of spreading your brand name? Please contact us.

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