Silicone bracelets. no event is complete without them!

Do you want to order silicone bracelets for you event?

Well, You should! Silicone bracelets in fun colors are absolute eye candy. Because when the sun shines and we’re all enjoying being outside and having fun, we get excited for short sleeves and outside events. Parks, forests, hiking, festivals and fun events; just having a great time!

For the entrepreneur it’s time for sales outside, markets and festivals. Delightfully in contact with people while working on the future of your company.

Whereas the ladies switch the pants and hoodies for skirts and dresses, exposing their ankles, the men roll up their sleeves or wear a T-shirt to show off that new watch. The fact that people have two arms and therefore two wrists, and sometimes not even a watch at all – you can check the time on your phone, right? – is a chance for you.

With these silicone bracelets you can decorate the wrists of young and old people with a fun keepsake, and also share the name and logo of your brand.

Our silicone bracelets are available in all pantone colors. This way you can always find one that fits just right with your audience or style. you can even relate them to your female or male audience by getting different sizes, even special bracelets for kids are in our assortment.

We can design the silicone bracelets with any text and a logo or image. You can even get them engraved so the text or image is deeper into the bracelet and it won’t fade. For every customization of this awesome product please check our website

Many companies ahead of you are very enthusiastic. No wonder, because who wouldn’t want such a cool silicone bracelet as a give-away? Especially when it has a cool text on it. As an example, you can put an image of your company logo on it, but also a slogan or expression that will mean something to your audience. It’s relatively cheap and wont quickly be thrown away or given to someone else.

Many companies order a new version of the silicone bracelets each and every year. If not in another color, then with another slogan or image. It becomes a so-called gimmick, and visitors of events enjoy traditions; without a bracelet from your company their visit is incomplete. This way, for just a few cents, you have a new ambassador stopping by for one of your bracelets… and some news on the advancements of your company

They may be called WRISTbands but they also function as silicone ankle bracelets, since we also sell them in different widths. Here are some examples so you can get some inspiration. Would your audience appreciate a bracelet like this? And what would your design be? If you can’t figure it out, we’d like to help you with it.

For every possibility or if you want to order immediately, please visit our website or contact s through E-mail or by calling us.

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