Large weepul animals : the best soft toy ever !

Koala_0924#C4D3You don’t know what kind of personalized product you could offer to a young audience ? We found the best cuddly that will allow you to spread your message properly : the large winnies/weepuls animals. The winnies have the particularity to have this ingenious paper ribbon on which we can print our logo and/or mantra in full color.



Elephant_1053#9C2DThe cuteness of the animals is going to delight everyone. How could anyone resist to the adorable  Donkey, Koala, peacock, panda, squirrel, elephant or the beauty of the butterfly ? No way, it’s impossible.


Tiger_0915#4B16The large weepul animals are the perfect way to communicate in a pleasant way : by giving a charming present who appeals to people’s child soul,  they are more open to receive your message with benignity.  No way to find a better way to give your message, especially if you want to incite somebody to give you back something (some money for animal protection for example).  Large animals winnies can also be a fantastic souvenir to sell in Zoo or national parcs.


Squirrel Red_0944#62FBThe Large weepul animals can be stuck wherever you want, like computers…  They are so adorable that people are going to keep them and in consequences, they are going to see your message over and over again… WIN WIN !




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