A world without promotional products ! (6/6)

Imagine, up from tomorrow, there are no promotional products any more in the world.
What is the impact apart from my own businesses to collapse?

What will a world without promotional product look like ?
Be careful, if you can’t give the answer, it might mean that promotional products are useless !

Here is what Alain Genty From France answers to this question :
It’s an interesting question.
In ancient times, almost everything was produced locally, on a small scale and sold by word of mouth.
In the 21st century, things are somewhat different: in a global economy, you have to think global
, or else…Besides, today’s industries must produce on a large scale if they want to survive. Thus the need to have an equally large market.

And this could be achieved only with 21st century tools: Promotion by Internet and repetitiveness of your business name and logo; this is when promotional products enter the scene…

Of course, we certainly could do without: After all, they had no advertising in the Middle Ages. We could also do without electricity, phones, cars, Henks, etc. In North Korea, advertising is almost inexistent. But how many of you guys are willing to settle there ?