Waterless Temporary tattoos – This is new!

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The use of temporary tattoos as promotional products has proven to be a real success for brand communication.

Tattoos leave their mark on the body but also in people ‘s mind for a long time.

Temporary tattoos, if well chosen, can reach any kind of result.

But what’s hot in the range of promotional tattoos?.

But what’s hot in the promotional tattoos ranges?
A waterless tattoo which can be applied anywhere, at any time: without water!

This new temporary tattoo has different advantages:
The main one is that you won’t need water anymore to apply it on skin. Distribution will be therefore much easier for all kind of events as its application will also be simplified.
No more sponge, no more wet tissues needed for your communication to work.
This instant-transfer tattoo is ideal for trade shows, sporting events, parades, in-store giveaways, or product launches for bars and discos.
Inks are non-allergic and FDA certified.

Nevertheless, there is quite a difference with the normal temporary tattoos you apply with water:
The waterless tattoo has a short life, one-off use whereas water tattoos are made to last for a longer time.
Another disadvantage: during the transfer, you might lose some pieces of the visual which gives worse look on the skin.

But this is not so iimportant since the use is different and immediate.
It can be an interesting alternative for your communication, depending on the results you’re expecting.

For more information on the temporary tattoos, visit this website: www.temporary-tattoos.eu