Thermographic Tattoos

photochromic tattoo Turn up the heat and alter the degree of your next promotion with a Thermochromic, body heat activated Temporary Tattoo.

The Tattoo turns from a darker color to either almost clear or a lighter color as the Tattoo heats-up from body heat. Thermochromic inks can also go from a color to clear.

This Tattoo is a great way to reveal a message once applied to skin. A 4-color process image can be printed beneath the Thermochromic ink, revealing itself once applied to skin. This works because the Thermochromic ink can cover a message when it’s on the Tattoo paper.

When applied, the warmth of the skin will make the Temporary Tattoo Ink disappear and reveal the message.

Turnkey for contests, sweepstakes and games, this custom-designed, attention-getting game for curious consumers, reveals a secret message when Tattoo is applied to skin.

Suggested uses:

  • * Store Promotions and Grand Openings
  • * Licensed Characters
  • * In-packs, Near Packs and On-packs
  • * Safety Programs
  • * New Product Introductions
  • * Traffic Builders
  • * Restaurants

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