custom balloons

no party is complete without balloons, right? but it’s even better when the balloons are custom made for you! balloons make people happy and what child doesn’t get excited hen they see a balloon? that’s why balloons are not only a successful promotional article, but also perfect to use as a decoration when there’s a sale, for instance.

usually balloons are only available in single color, but we have made the option of using multiple colors in a single print available. this way, your message will have even more of an impact. you can, for instance, have a picture printed on the balloons in full color!

  • balloons are eye catchers, so your message will get a lot of attention
  • we can print a logo, text or a combination of both on the balloons.
  • we can print them in one color, multiple colors or in full color.
  • the standard measurements of the balloons are 25 x 32 cm, but
  • we can also offer larger or smaller sizes. (35cm, 40cm and even heart shaped balloons 30x 12 cm)
  • printed balloons are cheap and easy to order.
  • you can order these balloons starting with 500 pieces, or if you want full color print you can order them starting with 1000 pieces.
  • full color print is available on one side of the balloons.
  • delivery time is about two to three weeks.
  • with your order you can also choose to buy balloon sticks,
  • available in multiple colors.

metallic balloons regular balloons heart-shaped balloons

if you are interested in buying our custom balloons, please contact us.

and our phone number: +44 20 70 99 21 66