The personalized featherpen :the promotional product you need in September !

New school year, here we are!

The 1st school day has probably been hard and stressful for a lot of schoolboys but non only them. Yes, even the adults know this bad feeling when it’s time to go back to work.


Stay positive: the return to school/office doesn’t have only bad sides. Just like at the beginning of a new calendar year, we’re full of good resolutions and good wills. We enjoy the routine changes and we test new activities…  We appreciate new things in our schedule and in our school bags… Yeah beginning of the new school year also means new school stationery/office supplies (That’s what I’ve always loved the most ! ). Marketing specialists rushed into this market segment with Barbie school bags, car’s notebook, Justin Bieber’s datebooks for teenagers (yeah I know !)… In other words: Heaven!

These promotional products we’ve taken time to choose are real comfort items for the difficult first days. By watching/using them, we feel better.


Obviously, the most famous new school year product remains the pen. I know, you think nothing is harder to transform than this item into an original one. WRONG. You just need to choose the personalized featherpen. The shakespearepen (its second name) will allow you to memorize your knowledge forever by writing it on your (personalized) notebook but it also will immediately catch the attention of your henceforth new friends. The personalized shakespearepen has an excellent effect on teachers as well. It will make them think about the old literature genius who were used to write their masterpieces with the same type of pens (without the ballpoint of course! Shakespeare soaked beautifully his nib into the ink, it goes without saying!)

The big advantage of the featherpen is its personalization. You chose its color and above all, what you want to print on it. You have to find a good catchphrase and everyone will love you and will want the same personalized shakespearepen. You’ll be the star of your class!

So go ahead, take up your (feather)pen !

If you want to make somepersonalized shakespearpen, contact the awesome Horizonsources team !