3 promotional items trends you should follow

How do you get the best returns from a promotional advertise?
This is the main question that all marketers are wondering about. Where do you start and what should you look for?
We selected three trends this fall which are essential in the purchase of a gift or promotional product.

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Those Damn Promotional Pens 1/1

Mathilde PPIBLOG: I have one question to the professionals of our industry:

Why the hell are we still using pens as a promotional product?

The promotional pen is STILL one of the most common advertising tools in our industry! Along with other writing instruments, it represents more than 10% of the promotional products total sales

Its use as an advertising product is so widespread that its efficiency is nowadays questioned!
It’s not easy to stand out among hundreds of other promotional pens passing by the hands of a same person.

– Have you ever asked yourself: “Is my communication efficient when using promotional pen?”
– Do we have to bet on banality, already seen, to convey our brands?
Is the use of promotional pens a bad habit we are not able to break? As I smoke my cigarette after meal, a firm can’t help printing pens with its Logo?

Obviously, this product makes me baffled: Worshiped by some communication professionals and damned by others… I need your cooperation: thanks for shedding some light on this!

Come on, writers of the PPIBlog! Take up pens!

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The File-Bag

filebag1 Walking around the 2008 Premiums and Gifts Fair in Hong Kong, Doc Logo+ found, once more, an original and shrewd promotional object : the File-Bag.

Have you never thrown away leaflets and papers because you didn’t know where to put it?

Thanks to Solar Design, specialist of the advertising gift with a unique design, this time is over!

For you, this revolutionary let fall its handle part to become an A4 file and protect your documents.

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I just found this product on the English website of a friend, a Wine Glass Marker. Funny, great as a promotional product, helps you to

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Foam Postmen also deliver their message!

The new way of sending a message is to send the postman with it!

Our new Postman is foam made, it comes with a text or logo and stands up!!!
It is a funny promotional product available in any shape and many colours.
Its main asset: your text or logo will be seen and kept in mind thanks to the product originality…

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Thermographic Tattoos

Turn up the heat and alter the degree of your next promotion with a Thermochromic, body heat activated Temporary Tattoo. The Tattoo turns from a

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New York hands out 1.5 million condoms each month

One idea for the design of the official city condom is a subway theme, with maps and colors of the different lines printed on the wrappers. The Health Department says a number of possibilities are under consideration.
promotional condoms
In an interview Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden said: “Brands work, and people use branded items more than they use unbranded items, whether it’s a cola or even a medicine…Brands add value and increase use.”

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