Promotional Folding Shoes

Conor O Donovan from the ODM Group in Hong Kong comes and presents us a fantastic and new promotional giveaway:

The Folding Shoes “CHINELAS”!!

Have you got a corporate function or event coming up? Do you want to give away a promotional product or gift bag? Choose something funky, innovative and totally new for your guests…

This party season, no girl should be without her Chinelas folding flats. As a special gift or promotion, why not give a memorable, truly functional product – something that is bound to get everyone talking!

The Chinelas has been designed in Sydney, Australia and will have for sure an incredible success!
It’s a pair of fashion folding shoes that comes in an inventive bag who can also serve for carrying the heel shoes…

We can customise the shoes and pouches by print or embroidery – we suggest limiting any company logo to the pouch and printing funky designs on the slippers themselves.”

Thanks Conor! Actually only women who have to walk with heels know how painful it can be at the end of the day! And this a fantastic invention and a perfect gift for girls and women.
I though about this product this weekend while I was going home at 4.00 in the morning after dancing all night long with my fantastic new heel shoes (but terribly uncomfortable).
I would have killed to have a bag of Chinelas with me!!

I really bet on this product! Should you need some more information on the Chinelas, feel free to contact us!