Promotional inflatable drawings

For many years children make drawings, putting their imagination on paper.
Wouldn’t it be even more fun if they could play with these colored drawings? To let these drawings really fly or drive?
Right now that’s possible with the inflatable drawing!

Inflatable drawings can be coloured like a normal color plate we all know, only these colour plates can become alive if you inflate them just like a balloon.
Also these inflatable drawings you are able to color them in all different ways for example with pencils, markers and crayons just like the color plates we know. What’s also very nice about this, there’s a specific kind of inflatable drawing where you can work it all out with clay!

When the inflatable drawing is coloured you inflate it and play with it. Off course you can also put it down as a decoration object.
The inflatable drawing is made of polyethylene and nylon with paper.

The best thing about the inflatable drawing is that up to 10.000 pcs we can produce it in any shape or pattern!
Which makes it perfect as a promotional product, for example a moving advertisement which gives a lot of funny/positive reactions.
It is a perfect product for festivals, events, meetings and fellowships.
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