Foam Postmen also deliver their message!

The new way of sending a message is to send the postman with it!

Our new Postman is foam made, it comes with a text or logo and stands up!!!
It is a funny promotional product available in any shape and many colours.
Its main asset: your text or logo will be seen and kept in mind thanks to the product originality…

This is the perfect promotion to be placed on your desk.
Moreover, it has a great efficiency regarding the impact of your communication.
Unlike some promotional products such as pen or lighters, the Postmen has a large imprint surface which allows delivering a message with address, email, text in addition to the logo.
It appears in the form of a foam postcard which can be easily slipped into an envelope, as it weights only 6 grammes and 2mm thick.
Carefully press together the Postman’s pieces, add the feet and your communication works!!
It’s the ideal promotion for mailings and a great alternative to Christmas cards or other greetings.

To have more info on this playful product, contact!