Promotional Pocket Ashtray

Eco-friendly, the Pocket Ashtray helps to protect the environment by preventing the careless disposal of cigarette ends in the wild.

Contrary to disposal ashtrays, it is designed to last for a long time, so it doesn’t create any new pollution. Furthermore, it is made with recyclable material. Call it a beach ashtray, hike ashtray, camping ashtray, city ashtray, the Pocket Ashtray can be used in many locations. So the Pocket Ashtray helps preserve cleanliness and integrity of sites.

Hermetic and compact, it offers many functions : folding lid, cigarette rest with clip, area for putting out cigarettes, etc. Light and compact, it easily slips into a pocket or a bag. Contrary to classic ashtrays, it avoids troubles caused by the bad smell of cold tobacco diffused by the bad cold tobacco smell of cigarette butts. So it becomes an office-ashtray or table-ashtray, which is very appreciated by users.

pocket ashtray The Pocket Ashtray is Attractive : the Pocket Ashtray has good shape and looks. Innovative design, fluidity, shimmering colours, all elements emphasizing its natural beauty as a single product. An original design, it arouses many interpretations. Some people think it is a small animal, with eyelids closing small eyes, and a small mouth, others compare it to a shell, a pebble or a mobile phone.

The Eco-friendly Pocket Ashtray meets new expectations generated by the evolution of society. Indeed, people are more and more “nomadic” and respectful of environment.

Of course the Eco-friendly Pocket Ashtray can be used as a promotional product, personalised with a logo.