Toasted logo, unforgettable message!

My favorite moment of the day is breakfast:

When I get out of bed with difficulty, raging against my deafening alarm clock and my hair being like they suffered atomic warfare during the night.
The only thing that makes me stand up is the thought of a hearty breakfast I have in mind since the toast smell comes to me.

I guess it might be the favorite moment for many people, this is why I declare toasters the best product ever invented.
You must be wondering why I speak in praise of toaster, and where the link is with promotional products! Here we come: I discovered a promotional toaster which is incredible!

The Japanese manufacturer had the tremendous idea of combining a moment of pleasure with a brand or logo by launching a promotional toaster.
The concept is quite simple: You can have your toaster customized with a logo or text printed on it, but the funniest thing is that it comes with a customized metal sheet you insert on the logotoaster.
The result: you have your logo toasted on bread! it’s incredible!

This an unusual promotional product, and obviously a great corporate gift as your brand is associated with fun and pleasure.
One thing’s for sure, with this product you have your communication a real success for different reasons:

– It’s associated with pleasure
– Your logo is seen almost every day
– The product as a long lasting life
For more information on this amazing promotional product: