Promotional Toothbrush: can you believe it?

We know that every product can be promotional, but some are really unusual and the toothbrush is one of my favorites.

Have your logo imprint on a toothbrush and it will be seen at least twice a day!

This promotional product is a perfect giveaway for health industry, pharmaceutical laboratories or airline companies.
But what make these promotional toothbrushes special?

Those toothbrushes are customised with your logo. But, the big plus is that the brush handle and bristles are also personalized with your logo colours. Another plus, the brush comes with a small metal disc that can be stuck on a wall, and the magnet located on the head of the brush makes it simply hang from the disc.
How could we see your logo more neatly?

If we want to aim mainly at children, the Floating tootbrush is perfect!
It’s so attractive with its floating action scene in the barrel that children will be impatient to brush their teeth!
We have here two good examples of a fun promotional product that can be used for several different purposes in keeping with your communication messages.

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