Kids as advertisingspace

According to us here in Europe only americans can imagine such advertising ideas.

But for sure in a few months some one here will copy the idea.


These people propose their 15 months old child as advertising space for companies. This is what they propose :

I will dress in your company’s provided apparel (and sport a kids’ tattoo!) everywhere I go for the amount of time chosen. Want me to do a commercial? How about a public appearance? I’ll do that too.** All advertising must be pre-approved by Mom (nothing distasteful). We live in the Charlotte, NC area. See below for payment details. All money will go directly into my personal account to be used only by me when I am an adult (great for college, new car!) This is my last advertising adventure online & will be sold first come, first served.

Cost ? 10 000 USD for one month! I wonder how many kids these people have…

see their website :

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