Toothbrush Rinser : simplify your ritual

toothbrush-rinserTooth brushing should be easy, life is too complicated already !

After a long day, the only wish you have is to go straight to your bed without having to put on your pyjamas and especially without brushing your teeth. But knowing how important this ritual is, you move reluctantly to your bathroom, you take a cup to rinse your mouth, you squeeze the toothpaste tube onto your toothbrush and the procedure starts. Do not forget that it should last not less than 3 minutes to be effective ! 🙂

This long ritual can be turned into something easy and fun, which is even more important ! You can forget about the cups, what you need is a toothbrush with a fountain. What a miracle : you simply aim the fountain where you want it to go, you rinse your mouth and you smile when looking at yourself in a mirror, what a wonderful invention you have here ! The American company  Amron Exptl, based in Westbur (NY) in the USA received several awards for this invention. toothbrush-rinser.2jpg

You can also see a video on their website. What is more with this product, no need to buy new toothbrushes every three months, you can replace the head and keep your magic brush longer.

We are talking about a new innovative item on the market. It could be turned into a very appealing promotional product. Promotional products suppliers, cease the opportunity to be creative !

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Article written by Yuliya Zabitovska