Promotional stopper for soda cans

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Who can say that he never found himself with a half-full soda can, without knowing what to do with it, desperately looking for a trash can to get rid of it.

A young French company found the solution with its Bubbleclik®, a stopper for cans, which was a laureate for the 2006 Innovation Award.

This is an innovative promotional product which allows you to re-cork your can! No more soda spilt on your latest marketing presentation or even worse, on your laptop or mobile phone!

Thanks to the Bubbleclik®, your can keep your can 3 days in the fridge with no loss of taste or gaz.

Kids or teens can now walk around with their re-corked cans. This product is ideal for hiking or picnics: times when you used to fear that a wasp would go into your can are over !

No more waste with the Bubbleclik® – do not throw your can away any more.

You can of course customize the Bubbleclik®, which will convert it into a great promotional product, perfect for in pack promotions or giveaways.

The entire external face can be printed and many colors are available. The Bubbleclick comes with a key chain, to have it always within reach.

Judge the usefulness of this product yourself !

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