Marketing with Promotional Pens

Here is an article written by Nicola Tibbs ,Web Marketing Manager for 4IMPRINT, wellknown promotional product supplier in the UK.

Nicola, the feather is yours…

How many pens do you have on your desk? Probably quite a few. How many of these have a logo on them – more than half? This is no accident; the use of promotional pens as an advertising tool is one of the most effective marketing strategies a company can employ.

So how has the humble pen become so powerful? Firstly, there is the cost element. Many forms of advertising are expensive – whether it is placing an advert in a newspaper to plugging your company on the radio. Putting your logo on a pen, on the other hand, is relatively inexpensive.

Secondly, there is usage. If you give a customer a pen as a freebie, they will most likely use it -and every time they do so they will be reminded of your brand. It’s also likely that more than one person will come into contact with your logo’d pen – increasing your exposure at no extra cost!

Branding potential is a yet a further reason why promotional pens are so popular. Most pens can be printed with your full colour logo or design and you can choose barrel and clip colours that complement your corporate palette. Many metal pens also have the option of engraving so you can create a long lasting personalised message at minimal cost.

The sheer versatility of promotional pens means that they can be used for practically any type of promotion and by any type of business. This appeal is what makes them universally so attractive. Even for those with little marketing experience, the relative ease of putting your logo literally in your clients’ hands is what makes a promotional pen so appealing. Last year alone, it is reported that 100 million pounds was spent on promotional pens – significantly higher than any other type of product. This is a powerful indication of just how influential a promotional pen can be.

With marketing budgets continually being squeezed many businesses need to rely on a promotional strategy that works and for this reason alone, the promotional pen is set to reign supreme…
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