Europe’s most valuable 2007 brand: Nokia EUR 32,332 bn

Eurobrand2007 in Austria provides a very interesting overview and ranking of Europe’s 50 most valuable brand corporations. Furthermore a Country & Industry Analysis, detailed Country Reports and an Executive Summary are provided.

More than 3000 brand corporations and their single brands in 24 countries and 16 industries have been examined.

Is your brand among them?

Europe’s TOP 10 brand corporations are:

  1. Nokia (EUR 32,332 bn)
  2. LVMH (EUR 29,831 bn)
  3. Unilever (EUR 25,136 bn)
  4. Telefonica (EUR 23,858 bn)
  5. Vodafone (EUR 22,550 bn)
  6. Mercedes-Benz (EUR 20,483 bn)
  7. Deutsche Telekom (EUR 18,269 bn)
  8. BMW(EUR 17,298 bn)
  9. France Telecom Group (EUR 17,068 bn)
  10. InBEV (EUR 16,873 bn)

The TOP10 brand values of U.K., Germany and France account for 45% of the sum of all twenty-four examined countries. Additional 38% are contributed by further 6 countries, which are Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden and Finland.

Valuable brands contribute not only to the value of companies but also to prosperity of national economies.

With the Eurobrand listing distributors of promotional products should know where to find their money. Brands need promotional products to become famous! I’m sure about it.

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