The hottest marketing tool in the promotional product industry

good idea A recent research states that the promotional distributor has to offer more and more full service like an advertising agency.
Business speeds up and customers expect faster reactions to their inquiries. A perfect presentation – already with logos on the products – is what the customers are increasingly expecting. The successful distributor is offering this service already by hiring professional graphic designers, in order to meet the needs of the market.

America is about 5 years in advance to Europe. The American promotional products market has already been offering this service since about 5 years to the whole industry! Virtual branding is the synonym for professional presentations. Any distributor can now create perfect presentations with logo branding immediate without hiring a professional graphic designer.

Various products for virtual branding are available for the promotional product distributors and they have succeeded very fast. With such tools the distributor can display all common methods of branding such as: silk print, embossing, debossing, etching, laser engraving, embroidery, etc. You can also perfectly show dimensions, so that the appearance of virtual branding is 99% close to reality.

emerge We searched for you the probably hottest virtual branding tool in the promotional industry: An e-catalogue with virtual branding you can forward in minutes to your clients.

See here an example, it works already:
Only 4 steps to inspire your customers:

  1. Open catalogue
  2. Click on any product
  3. Upload the customer logo
  4. Forward the catalogue by mail to your client

All products are branded in the catalogue! Your customer will assume that it takes you hours or days to make this individual catalogue for him.

We found this product on Again we think this is the hottest marketing tool in the promotional industry at the moment.