A world without promotional products (2/5)

What if, up from tomorrow, there would be no promotional products anymore in the world. What is the impact apart from my own businesses to collapse? What will a world without promotional product look like ?
Be careful, if you can’t give the answer, it might mean that promotional products are useless !

Here is the opinion of Steph Weigert from Zintuig in the Netherlands

Then I wouldn’t do anything anymore, and neither would you, and maybe neither your neighbour.

Because, whichever way you look at it, a major part of international trade is being boosted by smaller and larger promotional gifts, promotions, incentives and so on.

brand awareness Whether you sell medical instruments, toilet paper, knowledge or TV’s, supply and demand are always stimulated by a marketing instrument. And a much used marketing instrument ( not without a reason ) is the use of a promotional gift or another promotional item. In this way the salesman is stimulated in the form of an incentive and the buyer is being stimulated by an atractive mailing with a funny gadget.
So, if I would stop right now with selling promotional items, and all my competitors would do the same, there probably will be sold less medical instruments, toilet paper , knowledge and TV’s. With, as a consequence, in the long run there will be less sales, less production, less consumption and less work… and that could be a good thought….

Fortunately there is a movement that represents the various “good thoughts” in the sales of promotional products. There are more and more promotional products suppliers who offer eco-products. www.zintuig even has a productgroup eco-products : http://www.zintuig.nl/index.cfm?level=1&category=235. All products made out of recycled material. In this way we do’nt have to stop producing, but we take care of the environment and our fellow human beings.

Steph Weigert.