Christmas Gifts for Success

This is a new article by Nicola Tibbs, from 4Imprint in the UK:

With Christmas just around the corner now is the time to start thinking about rewarding your key clients and customers. But how do you make your gift stand out from the rest of the crowd?

Follow these top 10 tips for marketing success:

1. Don’t panic!
There’s still time to put some great gift ideas together… and if you follow these ‘quick tips’ you may pick up some inspiration on the way.

2. Go beyond the usual suspects.
Try a new slant on traditional favorites such as food and wine, and give your clients a gift that will extend beyond the festive period. Wine coolers, bottler openers and bar tools all make excellent gift alternatives and double up as useful home accessories afterwards.
And don’t forget – Christmas doesn’t have to mean traditional. A digital camera provides a modern twist on a classic gift and ensures your message will be remembered long after the festivities are over.

3. Know your customer
Golfing fan? Car enthusiast? Keen traveler? Send a gift that reflects the interest of your client and instantly gain positive brand recognition. For a really distinctive gift aimed at premium customers, include a hand-written ‘thank you’ letter and encase your gift in a luxury bag or box.

4. Keep your logo discreet
A business gift is quite different from a give-away handed out at a trade show. Its purpose is to show appreciation and build positive client relations so anything that looks like blatant advertising will miss the mark.

5. Avoid sending presents with a religious theme
No matter how well you know your client, it is still best to avoid this. Stick to winter themes such as snow and landscapes instead of anything overly ‘Christmassy’ – and this applies to Christmas cards.

6. Send your gift on different day
To set your gift apart, why not send it just after the festive period? Think New Year or the first day back in the office for maximum impact.

7. Avoid repeat presents

This may sound obvious but many businesses recycle the same gifts year after year; quite often sending the same gift to each client! Try to keep your customers guessing by sending a fresh idea each time.

8. Keep within your budget
Pick a spending limit and stick to it. Gifts that appear too ‘showy’ don’t always have the desired effect and can even reflect negatively on your brand. If in doubt, steer towards mid-range quality gifts such as a writing instrument or crystal set.

9. Don’t fall at the last hurdle
If you’re sending a gift by post make sure you give yourself time to avoid unexpected delays. To ensure safe delivery why not consider hand-delivery?

10. Make a positive lasting impression
Whatever gift you decide on, send something that is both appropriate and thoughtful and you’ll certainly be on the right track.

Thank you very much Nicola for your pieces of advice!!

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