Free promotional pocket ashtray

Our pocket ashtray is a free packet case made in carton.
The pocket ashtray just makes up one with the packet of the smoker who has always it with him.
With a large printable surface, it is a main communication and advertising medium and it will finance the

A lot of smokers are not ready to buy pocket ashtray. Thanks to our product which offers the possibility to
make advertising, the financing and the distribution are FREE.
Doing it slide on the packet, an opening is created in which the cigarette end will be introduced without being
stub out
Inserting the packet into the case, oxygen is driven out so the cigarette end goes out in few seconds.
Thus the case can go out and keep until 8 butts which will be throwed in the dustbin. People can use our
pocket ashtray as often as they need.
With a ratio, “folded / unfolded” from 1 to 20, it is easy to stock and distribute.


Eco-friendly, the Pocket Ashtray helps to protect the environment by preventing the careless disposal of
cigarette ends in the nature.
“Cigarette butts may seem small, but with an estimated 4.5 trillion butts (worldwide) littered every year, the
toxic chemicals add up!”
The cigarettes ends pollutants are diffused, in short or long term in rivers which, of course, create a polluting
Studies speak about 4000 toxic products in each cigarette end
The pollutants contained in cigarette ends are not actually treated and can’t be treated by the purification
Collect the cigarette ends at the source, decreases the number of cigarette ends throw out in nature.
A very economic advertising product, sensitizer and 100% biodegradable
Besides the ecological and advertising interest, it also allows an economic interest by reducing the possible
time of collecting of the cigarette ends.
A smoker smokes on average 15 cigarettes by days, and we estimate that they keep “LePoket” around 10
days. Thus they see the publicity approximately 150 times, with a repetitious effect. In conclusion, the ratio
“price / seen” is better than others publicities.
Ashtray of beach, pocket, of ski, case of package, hides package or portable ashtray, it is excellent gifts, or
advertising object, a support of communication, or support of prevention campaign