A new promotion: 100% comfort!

Article written on 31/01/2011 by Doc Logo +

footzyrolls1We have already presented this fantastic product to you: folding shoes “Chinelas”, a pair of ballerina-style “emergency” folding shoes, rather chic ones; what is more, you can take them everywhere with you!

Recently, Maya Case from CoprporatesSnobs.com have shown us a similar product: the FOOTZYROLLS.

Footzyrolls are a new product invented by two sisters, Jennyfer and Sarah Caplan in the USA.

These original shoes can be folded and therefore taken with you wherever. When wearing high heels becomes unbearable, you will be thankful for taking your Footzyrolls with you!

These shoes have had even more success since actresses and top models like Kim Kardashian and Blake Lively were seen wearing Footzyrolls.

In today’s business world, Footzyrolls are very often used as a promotional gift. This is a perfect item as a present thanks to its fashionable design; but it is also extremely useful. It has a strong impact on the one receiving it. More and more companies use this item due to its effectiveness as the customer does not risk forgetting the brand.

The solution to the problem

Unlike other shoes, the Footzyrolls are comfortable and can be worn at any occasion because they suit everything!

Women who wear high heels to work or to go out have experienced this ordeal: the moment when their feet shout “help”! This is the moment when Footzyrolls come on stage. Instead of suffering the whole evening because of the high heels, ladies will take out their pretty pair of Footzyrolls from their purse and they will be able to go on dancing till dawn.

A perfect gift:

You can fold them easily and together with their special packaging they take up no space at all. Therefore, they are a perfect promotional gift.

We can easily predict that this item will be very successful in its role of the promotional product, as it meets the real need of women: spare shoes, easy to care, that take up no space and can be taken everywhere with you!
Do not hesitate to go have a look at: www.footzyrolls.com