Customized seatcovers: keep your but dry and boost your promotion!

Article written by Lorène on 16/05/2012

seatcover04-bigI know: you really have this idea that whenever it rains whatever is plastic can protect you from humidity, however, it usually makes you look very foolish. The first picture that comes to your mind is a poncho, and let’s be honest here: very often it looks like a trash bag. Well, it is not what will turn you into a beauty queen.

However, there is still hope: you can keep your dignity in the rain! As in all fashion trends, what makes a product fashionable is actually its personalization. This is the secret. A basic silicone wristband can thus become a real jewel, just like a ridiculous rain poncho can become a product that people will fight over if only you use the right colors and the right catchphrase to personalize it. People, proud of wearing the colors of the event they have been waiting for, will be happy to make the common to all symbol visible! The product considered as “has been” can become the “in” in one second!seatcover03-big

A perfect example of a good plastic product (to be more precise, a PVC one) is a customized seatcover. It is super original and can be customized according to your taste. What is more, it is also known for being useful. It will let you get on your bike, you’ll be calm and serene because you won’t get your but wet while going home!

We know that you have always wished to go to work by bike, because of ecological concerns and because you want to keep your body of an athlete in good shape at the same time. Because of bad weather and dangerous traffic you seem to be discouraged and your good intentions towards the planet are no longer a priority. We understand you perfectly well. After a long “rainy” day at work where you deal with problems all day long, you would like to take your bike and avoid the feeling of having a wet but. Too much is too much. As for your ecological intentions..well there is a limit to everything! That is why the customized seatcover is perfect to cover your seat and protect it from rain and other dirty marks.

Extra light and small, the coverseat can be folded easily and you can put it into any small pocket of your bag, even the tiniest one. It is hard-wearing and you can reuse it whenever. The fun part: this product can be entirely customized. All colors can be printed, it is an extraordinary advertising aid, which is already a proof of future success for your promotion.seatcover-01-big

So, no more excuses: get on your bike that has a customized seatcover, pedal to make your legs tapering and sleep well as you are preserving the planet! 🙂

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