What to think of a customized rubber wristband?

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Article written on 05/09/2012 by Webmaster

bracelets-siliconeLet’s start from the very beginning: with the difference between the rubber wristband and the silicone wristband!

Without any doubt, you have already had in your hands some of these wristbands with texts in different colours on them. You should know that 80% of these bands are made of silicone and surely not of rubber. The rubber band, a bit less expensive than the silicone one, has a very unpleasant smell, it is usually thinner than the silicone wristband, more fragile, less pretty and less comfortable when worn on the hand. Imagine a huge rubber band: this is the rubber wristband.

If you wish to make some wristbands and put your own text or logo on them make sure to buy 100% silicone wrisbands. The only way to be sure: ask for a sample before ordering.

If a reseller is unable to provide you with a sample, this might be bacause he is probably thinking of selling you a rubber wristband instead.


A few sites where you can find silicone wristbands in UK :

Silicone wristbands : www.horizonsources.net

Silicone wristbands : http://www.cheap-wristbands.com