You want to personalize the hats with your own logo ?

It’s summertime, the season for outdoor events and especially music festivals.

Diapositive 1

The organizers and the sponsors are always looking for goodies to give to the participants. Nowadays, their choice goes more and more to useful products : people will accept them easily and moreover, they’ll keep it even once the event is over. You see what I mean : the advert will keep on circulating, even after the end of the event.

One of the best model is the one inspired by the well-known Panama. It’s the perfect choice, both for staff and participants.

hats for staff

You can choose between many colors for the hats and even for the ribbons : it’s up to you to build the best possible mix.

The imprint on the ribbon is still more precise : you can choose the PMS color you want and your message and logo will be disseminated all around the hats ! More efficient than caps, don’t you think ?



customized hat

Last but not least : you don’t have to be a member of the Coachella’s staff if you want these hats : only 250 pieces are enough to order and customize them and they’ll be in your hands 3 weeks later.

Feel free to ask for the prices, you’ll be surprised how cheap they are. Contact euro-logo either by phone +44 207 099 21 66 or by mail :