Promotional toothbrush

Any technique can be used when it’s about developing loyalty of client, reinforce brand image or increase sales… Even getting into the most private moments of a persons’ life… like teeth brushing…

Have your brand promoting dental hygiene!

This promotional product is the perfect give-away for health sector companies: : pharmaceutical company, dental surgeys or airlines, for example.

Is it too ordinary to say that your logo will be seen at least twice a day? …maybe, BUT it’s a long-lasting promotional product!! this is undeniable! (For my part I’ve been using my last toothbrush for nearly ONE year…)

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Promotional Toothbrush: can you believe it?

We know that every product can be promotional, but some are really unusual and the toothbrush is one of my favorites.

Have your logo imprint on a toothbrush and it will be seen at least twice a day!

This promotional product is a perfect giveaway for health industry, pharmaceutical laboratories or airline companies.
But what make these promotional toothbrushes special?

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