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Many people start to be confused when we talk about the various models of silicone wristbands. Most of them are confusing embossed wristbands with the debossed ones (even some silicone wristbands suppliers do!).

The debossed wristbands are the same model as the avant-gardist LIVESTRONG one from Lance Armstrong.
To deboss the wristband, a mould is produced especially for the order to meet the client’s requirements. This is why debossed wristands are more expensive and take more time to produce than printed wristbands or laser debossed…

Le’s lift any doubt on silicone wristbands:

Embossed wristbands
Embossed wristbands are an excellent choice if you’re seeking for stylish and original silicone wristbands.
Embossed wristbands conform to every requests. A mould is specially produced for each order.
The production process and time are very similar to those of debossed wristbands.

Imprint wristbands
Imprint wristband are the cheapest choice.
They are imprint by serigraphy. With this process, Inks really penetrate in the wristband’s silicone.
It’s not necesarry to create a special mould.
Imprint wristbands are less expensive and faster to produce than debossed or embossed wristbands.

Laser debossed wristbands
Laser debossed wristbands are becoming more and more popular.
They represent very low production costs. However, lots of silicone wristbands suppliers still have ruinous prices.
A simple installation programme makes the laser-gravure machine able to deboss silicone wristbands exaclty the way the client wants it.
For the laser-debossed wristbands, it’s not necessary to create a special mould. It’s why they are cheaper and faster to produce than debossed or embossed ones.

The best choice
How to be sure to make the best choice between debossed, embossed, imprint and laser debossed wristbands?
Of course, it’s always about personal preference.
Above all, it’s very important to choose a supplier who won’t entrap you with hidden costs for installation, mold and shipment.
You should search for low price supplier who offer “all inclusive” prices- installation,conception, mould and especially shipment fees! This will prevent you from bad surprises.

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