Printing techniques of promotional products

In the most cases the promotional product will have to be printed. What could you supply and how does this all work?
The files you would like to have be printed on the gifts have to be related on special formats when you will deliver them.
These are:
– Vector EPS
-Tiff, JPEG. The minimum resolution should be 600 dpi for line art (drawings), and 300 dpi for grayscale and halftone work (photo).
– PDF format (in highest quality) without compression. Designs delivered with a resolution of 72 dpi or less are not useful!
– The texts can often be simply imported by the supplier and “put”, meaning that the products need an email with your text and the products will do the rest.

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The best wristband ever!

Many people start to be confused when we talk about the various models of silicone wristbands. Most of them are confusing embossed wristbands with the debossed ones (even some silicone wristbands suppliers do!).

The debossed wristbands are the same model as the avant-gardist LIVESTRONG one from Lance Armstrong.
To deboss the wristband, a mould is produced especially for the order to meet the client’s requirements. This is why debossed wristands are more expensive and take more time to produce than printed wristbands or laser debossed…

Le’s lift any doubt on silicone wristbands:

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Promotional periscope

We always look for new, innovative and original promotional products. Not always easy to find the product that really makes the difference! This idea comes

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What are PMS colors?


Normaly every professional in the premium and gift industry knows what PMS means: Pantone Matching System.

For those who don’t know what it means and how to use it I’ll try to explain in a few simple words what it is and how to use it.

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