Put a noose around your neck!

Source image: culturofil.net with all the respect owed to lucky Luke!

Everyone knows LANYARDS:
This promotional article made of cloth which enables people to attach badges, keys, identification cards, glasses, mobile phones, bottle-openers,knifes, compasses, and much more, around the neck.

This promotional gift offers a great visibility for your logo which can be woven, printed… You can find hundreds of different models: from the basic one to the most sophisticated. It is totally customizable since 300 units.

This is an incontrovertible of our market: its utility insures saves it from going out of fashion!

I am always exulting when I receive a promotional Lanyard…ever since the time I wanted to put a noose around my neck!
(No matter the noose is printed with Heineken’s logo, it’s the same!)

To buy and make your lanyards cutomized: www.euro-logo.com