The power of promotional products on branding and sales

Gordon Glenister, director general of BPMA “British Promotional Merchandise Association”, one of the leader trade association for promotional products in the UK, gives us more figures on the impact of promotional products:

The main question is: Why buy promotional products? …

And according to him, the answer is simple: Because promotional merchandise really works!

Let’s have a look to a National survey run by Source-e in the UK, in April 2007:

  • 92% of the questionned believe branded promotional merchandise increases company brand awareness.
  • 76% say they can name a brand or company/organisation featured on a promotional merchandise on their desk without having to look for confirmation.
  • Over half (52%) purchased from companies branded on a Promotional merchandise on their desk.
  • 82% would keep an item they were given than give it away.

Within the 92% of respondents who said promotional merchandise increases awareness:
83% would keep promotional items for themselves
14% would pass it to a colleague
3% would give it to a family member

Survey shows interestingly that more women than men are able to recall company names of Promotional Merchandise on their desks.

Top 3 reasons why people keep promotional items:
1- Usefulness (89%)
2- Memories
3- Value of item

Top 10 items people keep on their desk:
1- Pens 2- Calendars 3- Mousemat 4- Post-it notes 5- Mug 6- Pencils 7- Desk pad 8- Calculator 9- Diary 10- Notebook

If you want to know more about BPMA, visit their website on:

And many thanks to Gordon Glenister for this interesting information.