Vector Art and the promotional products…

When you join the promotional products industry, some of the first terms you hear are vector art and digitizing.
In the promotional products industry, prepress services like vector art and embroidery digitizing are as important (if not more) as promotional products, themselves.
After all, the reason companies choose to add promotional products to their marketing mix is to ensure that their brand names and logos are viewed repeatedly.

So what exactly is vector art?
Vector art is art that can be printed on physical products like mugs, pens and calendars.
Company logos from computer images must be converted into vector art in order to get clear, high quality art that can be printed on promotional products. Companies that use promotional products for the first time need to ensure that their logos are in vector format. Vector artwork is generally in the following industry standard formats: PDF, EPS, Corel Draw or Illustrator…

As a distributor or supplier, you are expected to offer camera ready art services to your customers by charging a one-time artwork fee to convert logos into vector art. Customers are then given CD or e-mailed versions of their vector art to use for any promotional products purchased in the future.

If you are new to the promotional industry and don’t have your own artwork design studio, don’t worry. Most distributors and suppliers outsource their artwork to artwork specialist service providers.
High quality vector art requires skilled artists and there are many experienced, cost-effective prepress service providers that you can choose to outsource your artwork to.
Camera ready art can be generated anywhere between 24 hours and 3 days, depending on the complexity and turnaround times required.
With the holiday season upon us, the demand for promotional gift items has never been higher.
As promotional distributors and suppliers rush to meet their orders, they urgently require artwork services like 24 hour digitizing and quick camera ready art.

However, not all artwork specialists can create high quality designs and work quickly. So, make sure that you only work with artwork service providers who are experienced.
Since you now know the importance of quality vector art, go ahead and pick a reliable artwork service provider as an essential partner to your business.
High quality artwork will not just lead to enhanced designs and promotional products; it will also lead to satisfied customers and repeat orders.
Once the responsibility of quality artwork design is taken away from you, you can use your resources to promote your brand effectively.
A quality artwork partner is a key to being successful in the promotional industry.

Author Bio:
Danny. L. is the Operations Manager of He has been in the promotional industry for the last ten years and writes about promotional products & key industry trends.